Saturday, 1 July 2017

Knowledge and Zeal - PFAL Segment One

Knowledge and Zeal
You know, sometimes people have a great zeal for their religion. They get all hepped so to speak and all shook. And they are standing out here, there and running here, there and yonder and always talking to everybody about their salvation or something else. They have a tremendous zeal but they lack the knowledge of the accuracy of God's Word. On the other hand there are some people who have a tremendous knowledge of God's Word perhaps but they lack the enthusiasm and the zeal.
I want this class on Power for Abundant Living to get us back to the accurate knowledge of God's Word; to bring us back to the integrity and the accuracy of this Word. But not only that, I want this to make us so alive and vital that once again, that once again we will have the zeal, the enthusiasm to set it forth before people with all boldness.
Dr. VPW – Segment 1

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