Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Why the Eternally Blessed Archive?


Good morning and God's abundant blessings in the name above all names, Jesus Christ.

This morning I wanted to share the importance of the Eternally Blessed Archive as it relates to our mission.

The archive was developed almost three years ago. Prior to the archive, The EBCrew would receive items, then digitize documents, improve sound quality on teachings and make them available.
This was (and is) within the mission, "Preserve and Make Available". Being a group of volunteers (which are very detailed) this process is quite lengthy. After reviewing this lengthy process, we decided to set up the archive and post everything we have no matter what condition. By accepting this new method in order to function, two new things were accomplished:

1. Whether an item has been worked on or not, believers still have access to these gems of truth.
2. Everyone can see what is on the Eternally Blessed Archive site., which brings a couple of benefits.
       a. If it not on the site, we simple do not have it.
       b. If someone has an item which is not on the site, they can submit that item so everyone has          access.

Well, we are still in the process of posting everything. There is a back log of hundreds of items at present. We are loading items almost daily. 

Logospedia (every verse of the Bible) will be populated from the Eternally Blessed Archive. Therefore, we have a fantastic current challenge to get all resources (items) on the site. And every item must be in the best condition available.

Currently, we need those who would like to participate in this effort to spend time on the Eternally Blessed Archive site and notify of any issues with the site and or any items on the site. 

You heart and life are much needed to see this Word of God and heart of the Ministry we have been given preserved and made available. 

While teaching the Book of Romans in 1979 on Romans 8:5 Dr. Wierwille makes this statement:

"In here we have the truth of God’s Word regarding born again believers, sons of God. At my present knowledge and understanding of people’s lives among the believers, I doubt if over two percent ever believe the truth of God’s Word and really live it. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons the impending captivity is on the scene."
 Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille

We are looking for the 2% to work together and see this Word of God move over the World!

You are God's Best.

Anthony (8th Corps)

Jesus Christ, the man from Galilee, has affected all our lives to the Nth degree. Now the Word, or the words of God, as spoken or written; words of the judges, the prophets, Christ, Peter, Paul, and all the others who spoke or wrote the Word of God are equal in importance, otherwise, we reduce the Bible to a level where our respect for the Word is determined by man’s rivalry as to which is most important, rather than the authority of the Word, and the declaration of God which in 1 Corinthians 2:13 is: “Which things also we speak, not in the words which man’s wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual.” Dr. VPW, Romans Corps Teaching

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