Saturday, 1 July 2017

Knowledge and Zeal - PFAL Segment One

Knowledge and Zeal
You know, sometimes people have a great zeal for their religion. They get all hepped so to speak and all shook. And they are standing out here, there and running here, there and yonder and always talking to everybody about their salvation or something else. They have a tremendous zeal but they lack the knowledge of the accuracy of God's Word. On the other hand there are some people who have a tremendous knowledge of God's Word perhaps but they lack the enthusiasm and the zeal.
I want this class on Power for Abundant Living to get us back to the accurate knowledge of God's Word; to bring us back to the integrity and the accuracy of this Word. But not only that, I want this to make us so alive and vital that once again, that once again we will have the zeal, the enthusiasm to set it forth before people with all boldness.
Dr. VPW – Segment 1

God bless you!

You are the best,



Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Galatians Review

Galatians Review

And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.

Don't get weary in well doing. You need a lot of patience. If we don't faint in the process; boy, oh boy, that's restoring. Let us do good unto those that we really like, those that are in our church. No. Let us do good unto all. And don't forget that last part. A lot of times we're good to everybody else and neglect those you ought to be especially good to. But, on the other hand, be good to all. And walk with that love of God in the renewed mind in manifestation by the spirit in manifestation, with the fruit of the spirit in evidence, that mark of quality in your life. See, that's how you get back to right believing, correcting the doctrinal problem they had here in Galatia.

And, again, I think of that prayer in Acts 4 that I mentioned before. They didn't pray "Lord, take the pressure off", but they just kept doing good and said "Lord behold their threatenings, and grant unto thy servants that with all boldness we may speak thy Word." Speak God's Word with boldness and with the love of God. Speak the truth in love. And do good unto all. To restore, repair, repair the ruptures or mend things in the body, to perfect, you need more boldness just to speak one thing. And that's your opinion. No! That's God's Word. Speak God's Word. Speak the truth in love. Not just speak the truth, but speak the truth in love. And may, as Dr. Wierwille said in Volume II in the study WHY DIVISION:

"May we as members of Christ's body become so filled with love, that we may be teachable, and have our hearts opened to His Holy Word. And may we receive of Him, and carry the blessing to all we meet that they may see us and know we are His."

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Foundation to Living the Mystery (Acts 2:42)

God's love to you this day that the Lord hath made!

These are excerpts from the Way Corps teaching on the book of Acts. (Our happy hunting ground).

Acts 2:42 Now you begin in verse 42 with the things that occurred as a result of that which had previously been accomplished. That’s why you get to the great figure of polysyndeton with verse 42. You count the “ands.” There are 16 “ands” from verses 42-47. The “ands” are to roll over fast and quickly to show you the immensity of the results. I tell you, when God moves, He moves and there are tremendous results when people believe. Fantastic! About 3000 souls that day. (Just like Genesis 1) Here it’s the church. After the great revelation of what God did, then comes polysyndeton, just like in Genesis, only here it’s the church of the body.

 “apostles’ doctrine” -- the right teaching, the right dividing of God’s Word is what they continued in steadfastly. They didn’t flip out on it; they just steadfastly stood together.

 “fellowship” - they fellowshipped. It’s in the fellowshipping with like-minded people, day after day, hour after hour, that’s where it is. If you really love to golf, who do you like to be with – golfers. If you really love God and God’s people and God’s Word, who do you like to be with? With people who have the purity of the spirit of God in them. Before you can have fellowship you have to have sonship. You have to have the ship.

 You can’t have fellowship in the body until you are first born again. The fellowship implied a little sharing, etc.

 “Breaking of bread” - implies that they ate together. They shared their sandwiches, etc. It’s just beautiful! They didn’t forget to pray. And I’ll venture to day that they did it by the spirit too.

 “and in prayers” – they didn’t forget to pray and I’ll venture to say they did via the spirit too.

Acts 2:43 “fear” - awe - “every soul” - every believer

Acts 2:44 “all that believed were together” - Now I do not believe that they were all together at one location all the time. I think Peter had a Twig, maybe a Branch. All of those guys were busy ministering the Word. All that believed were together, together on the Word, together on believing the apostles’ doctrine. It’s in the plural, possessive. The possessiveness of it implies plurality, of verse 42.

 “had all things common” - Not communistic - that’s from the Devil. They had it common. If you have a need and I have something to share, then I share it with you. That’s the common. The early church had it in common. It’s one body and the whole body has things in common. Everything above your need is made available to the body.

2 Corinthians 8:9-14
Verse 9 – “poverty” – it isn’t a negative poverty
Verse 10 – “forward” – willing “a year ago” – from a year ago
Verse 14 – “that there may be equality” – in the body

This all happened to come into fruition immediately after the day of Pentecost. He isn’t talking about tithing. Tithing is under the law. Christ is the end of the law for the believers. Abundant sharing is abundant sharing over and beyond your need. Who gave you life? It’s eternal life. Who gave you the joy and rejoicing in your heart? The great joy and rejoicing of your heart is not in the natural man but in the Christ in you. To whom do we owe our life and everything then? To God! Boy, how the church has lived below par and how devilish they’ve lived. It isn’t “giving me more”, but giving to the body. They had things in common.

Acts 2:45 They sold their plurality, possessions, plural. They sold their plurality, goods, plural. They did not sell what they needed. They sold what they had greed for; that which inflated their ego, “Well look at me.” God has never asked a believer to give away or sell anything which you need. God supplies our needs. Now what is need? Every individual stands before God and makes that decision. What may be need for one person may be greed for another.

“parted them to all” – shared - gave to all believers 

“need” – not greed but as the need was there

Acts 2:46 “daily” - The only people who object to this are the adults. They don’t fellowship daily because they don’t want to. You can’t expect a business man to drive two hours at night to go to a Twig meeting. The leader is supposed to be the leader. When people come to that Twig meeting, he ought to have that thing burning in his soul from the time it opens until it closes. And it doesn’t drag all night. You don’t start at 7:00 p. m. and preach a four hour sermon. You just kill everybody. People came to the meeting to be built up, to fellowship. They met daily. That doesn’t say nightly. It doesn’t say that they were in ten different meetings. It says daily. But it says daily. When the church does not meet daily, it will die. It’s as simple as that. When the adults don’t go to the meetings daily, they will die. It’s a daily life. Do you eat physical food daily? You got to fellowship with the believers daily. That’s in addition to your private devotions, as you call it, because you speak in tongues much. They met daily.

 “with one accord” - with unity of purpose

 “in the temple” - it’s not the temple proper, it’s in the temple area.

 “breaking bread” - They just met daily and brought their sandwiches along. That’s all. That doesn’t mean that the cook at the house made a seven course dinner for everybody. It just wasn’t a 30 second meeting either. They prayed together. They worshiped together. They heard the Word together, sat down, ate and fellowshipped together.

 “house to house” - They did it from house to house. The Church is in the home.

 “gladness” - euphoric - means with merriment, with festivity, with dancing, exuberance. They were a happy gang. They ate their bread not with longfacedness, negativeness, but like it was a great festivity, with dancing. The word “dancing” is used for this word “gladness.”

 “singleness” - means simplicity of “heart” - undivided loyalty.

 That’s the greatness of that verse. Ephesians 6:5 ‘singleness’ - singleness is the same as simplicity - in simplicity in your heart. In Acts it’s the same thing. They ate their bread with joyfulness, with dancing, with fellowship, with real exuberance, festivity, with simplicity of undivided loyalty.

Acts 2:47 “praising God” - for what they had seen and heard and what they were experiencing.

“all the people” - all the believers (not all the unbelievers)

 “favor” - grace, real blessing

That’s when the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved. “such as should be saved” - those who were being saved (is the text) - The Lord added to the church. They taught the Word, they heard the call. The Lord is the only one who can give the new birth. That’s why He added to the church daily such as were being saved. Why was the Lord able to add to the church daily? Because they were teaching the Word, they were fellow-shipping daily, they were breaking bread together. They were enjoying each other’s company. They were praising the Lord for what He had done. And there was great grace, favor, love, among the whole body and that’s why the Lord was able to add daily. Where there is no fellowship daily, where there is no love, where there is no forgiveness, no tenderness, no sweetness among God’s people, the Lord will not be able to add to the church daily. That’s the first century church on the first day of its birth and shortly thereafter and we are still a part of that same church. We ought to have the same exuberance. We do have a little of it in the Corps occasionally, and in the Way Ministry. But outside this ministry I don’t know where you can go to see it. We need it, that the Word again may abound, and men may see the greatness of our God and move in the power of it, that God again can really add to the church daily such as are being saved.


Who wants to come back to the foundation of "Living the Mystery"?

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Why the Eternally Blessed Archive?


Good morning and God's abundant blessings in the name above all names, Jesus Christ.

This morning I wanted to share the importance of the Eternally Blessed Archive as it relates to our mission.

The archive was developed almost three years ago. Prior to the archive, The EBCrew would receive items, then digitize documents, improve sound quality on teachings and make them available.
This was (and is) within the mission, "Preserve and Make Available". Being a group of volunteers (which are very detailed) this process is quite lengthy. After reviewing this lengthy process, we decided to set up the archive and post everything we have no matter what condition. By accepting this new method in order to function, two new things were accomplished:

1. Whether an item has been worked on or not, believers still have access to these gems of truth.
2. Everyone can see what is on the Eternally Blessed Archive site., which brings a couple of benefits.
       a. If it not on the site, we simple do not have it.
       b. If someone has an item which is not on the site, they can submit that item so everyone has          access.

Well, we are still in the process of posting everything. There is a back log of hundreds of items at present. We are loading items almost daily. 

Logospedia (every verse of the Bible) will be populated from the Eternally Blessed Archive. Therefore, we have a fantastic current challenge to get all resources (items) on the site. And every item must be in the best condition available.

Currently, we need those who would like to participate in this effort to spend time on the Eternally Blessed Archive site and notify of any issues with the site and or any items on the site. 

You heart and life are much needed to see this Word of God and heart of the Ministry we have been given preserved and made available. 

While teaching the Book of Romans in 1979 on Romans 8:5 Dr. Wierwille makes this statement:

"In here we have the truth of God’s Word regarding born again believers, sons of God. At my present knowledge and understanding of people’s lives among the believers, I doubt if over two percent ever believe the truth of God’s Word and really live it. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons the impending captivity is on the scene."
 Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille

We are looking for the 2% to work together and see this Word of God move over the World!

You are God's Best.

Anthony (8th Corps)

Jesus Christ, the man from Galilee, has affected all our lives to the Nth degree. Now the Word, or the words of God, as spoken or written; words of the judges, the prophets, Christ, Peter, Paul, and all the others who spoke or wrote the Word of God are equal in importance, otherwise, we reduce the Bible to a level where our respect for the Word is determined by man’s rivalry as to which is most important, rather than the authority of the Word, and the declaration of God which in 1 Corinthians 2:13 is: “Which things also we speak, not in the words which man’s wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual.” Dr. VPW, Romans Corps Teaching

Monday, 12 June 2017


Good morning and God's blessings in the name above all names, Jesus Christ.

Imagine an online Bible from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21 with every verse annotated and foot noted with the works of Dr. Wierwille, E.W. Bullinger, Bishop K.C. Pillai and others. WOW, what an amazing ability for any born again believer to have. Well, WE ( that's right) We, can make this happen. By working as a team with very detailed instruction and duties, this project can come into fruition. And that is what Logospedia is all about.

The word Logospedia comes from the word logos and the word pedia. Logos = "word". Remember, from John 1:1:

John 1King James Version (KJV)

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
Suffix. -pedia. Relating to learning. (educate)
Therefore Logospedia = Word-Educate.
And that is exactly what we are doing with Logospedia. Logospedia (once up and running) will enable all these great teachings by the Original Author (God) to be understood by anyone and everyone. 
I will dig into the specifics of the How in future posts.
Love in Him,

Monday, 5 June 2017

God's blessings and greetings to you in the powerful name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
The following 10 items are being pursued in order to achieve the ongoing mission: Preserve and make available the teachings of the Great Mystery by Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille.

Complete library available to every home fellowship.

All public domain items on archive sites. (, Gutenberg Project, etc.)

Websites (, EternallyBlessed, KCpillai, etc) updated on a regular basis.

Children's teachings based upon the rightly-divided Word of God produced for parents. (Home School, etc.)

These teachings introduced and perpetually updated in research database (Libraries & Universities).

Ebooks produced with these teachings.

Comprehensive Bible produced with a comprehensive index (

All materials brought into public domain.

All of the materials translated into the major languages of the world.

All truths that were/are taught will continuously be presented in current formats (Ebooks, Video, Books, etc.)